CX Research

Customer Experience – RESEARCH

Better experience starts with greater insights.  Our research is designed to provide customer and employee insights to enable organisations to have come certainty around their strategic decision making. We support evidence based leaders who wish to drive performance with a focus on people – customers and employees.

Our insights have assisted with developing value propositions, developing communications and branding strategies, measuring psychological safety and employee engagement, new product/service design, identifying high value segments, and designing service improvement.

Our insights allow you to prioritise your resources to gain greater impacts in your organisation with the people who matter – your employees and your customers.


    • NPS
    • Qualitative research
    • Quantitative research
    • User experience
    • Focus groups
    • Ethnography research
    • Patient Experience Mapping
    • Indepth interviews
    • Social Media monitoring


    • Psychological Safety Assessment – PS25
    • Leadership capability assessment
    • Indepth interviews
    • 360 reviews
    • Peer to peer reviews and evaluation
    • Leadership bootcamp on customer centricity
    • Self awareness training with Neuroscience in Leadership Certificate


    • Psychological Safety Assessments – PS25
    • eNPS
    • Employee Journey Mapping
    • Employee Experience Insights


    • Patient Journey Mapping


    • Customer Centric Maturity Assessment

Optimising Your CX Research

Designing and implementing a experience management, for customers and employees, is a significant investment. To help you maximise the return on this investment, you may want to consider some of the following questions:


Have you got an out-side in view of your customer? When was the last time you gained customer insights? Where in the organisation do you currently gain customer feedback or insights?


Do you have journey maps for all of your key customer segments? Do you know their moments of truth – negative and positive. Which one of these is relevant to your high value customers? Do your strategic priorities link to your customer insights?


Do you use consistent CX measures across the organisation? How do each of your departments measure their impact on your customers?


Have you identified key moments of truth and key touch points? Do you measure across each of these touchpoints?


Have you got processes in place to gain feedback from customers and employees? Do you have a process to feed insights into product/service improvement?


How psychologically safe is your organisation? How engaged are your employees?


Do you talk to inactive or lapsed customers to improve retention and lost leads to improve acquisition?


Are you monitoring your social media for feedback and comments and sharing them within the business?


Are you using text and voice analytics to understand qualitative feedback?


Have you developed a CX model that links to organisational performance?


Do you use a technology platform to monitor and share CX data?


Are the insights from your CX research shared across your business?


Do you use design thinking to create better customer experiences?

If you are struggling to answer the above questions then contact 6peas for an obligation free meeting on your Customer Engagement strategies for your business.