Neuroscience is a field of research that studies the cognitive, and affective responses of human beings. Essentially, it focuses on figuring out how the brain responds to certain stimuli. In the case of “neuromarketing”, the focus is on finding out how the brain responds to certain stimuli in marketing and more importantly,  our communications.

Neuroscience marketing is basically a process that asks companies to consider the research and findings and scientific study before they tackle a process that might help them to influence customers, employees and stakeholders.

Often, when organisations begin to explore ways of improving their content marketing campaigns and communications, they don’t directly consider psychological concepts. However, focusing your optimisation on neuroscience could help you to appeal to your customers (and your employees and other stakeholders) on a much deeper level.

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to hire a neuroscientist to come and audit your content for you. That is what 6peas does…the key is to make sure that you look at the existing results of neuroscience research, to inform your future campaigns, content, product design, packaging design, employee communications, your brand values, your interaction with customers and employees.

Whilst “neuromarketing” looks at how companies can adapt their brand awareness strategies to influence customers on a psychological level, at 6peas we use neuromarketing to drive our strategy, to drive our tactics and to assist with employee and customer engagement to drive better communications, product design, key customer interactions, campaigns.

Your communication challenges: 

The People + Science Communications Frameworks to assist organisations improve their communication to their key stakeholders ( customers, employees, communities and shareholders). 

Your cultural challenges: 

The 6peas People + Science Psychological Safety & Performance Benchmarking Tool is used to understand the motivations and social drivers of teams to drive performance and mitigate risk.

The People + Science Communications Framework is utilised by organisations wishing to engage in successful change management projects, improve communications to stakeholders, improve employee engagement or successfully transform.

Your innovation and commercialisation: 

The People + Science Psychological Safety and Benchmarking Tool is used to create innovative and transformative cultures, for organisations wishing to problem solve, innovate and lead in human led design.

The Valid8 Innovation Readiness Score assists businesses to mitigate bias within the innovation and commercialisation of products and services.  Using a combination of business theory, research and neuroscience to drive more effective decision making. 

To see how we are using Neuroscience to drive customer engagement, organisational psychological safety and accountability contact us.



At 6peas we use the practice of neuromarketing to provide us with better customer and employee intelligence and to use that intelligence to engage more effectively.