Webinars and Podcasts

New Podcast : Psychological Safety In The Boardroom

Listen to Carolyn as she shares her perspectives from working with leaders and board members and what we can individually do as board members to create a psychologically safe environment AND maintain sufficient and effective discussion and debate.

Podcast: Psychological Safety in the Workplace

We all want to feel like we can be free to share our thoughts and ideas in the aid of creating everything from better experiences to new product ideas or ways of working. But the challenge is that if we don’t feel safe enough to do so, we will often sit quietly and hold back sharing what could be the next big thing.

Webinar: Contemporary Governance Risks: Starting from the Top – Psychological Safety

Governance Evaluator’s CEO & Founder Fi Mercer concludes our discussion series on the key contemporary governance risks at the boardroom table; Gender Equity, Social Inclusion and Climate Change. Fi wrapped up this series by discussing what we’ve learnt about these three key topics. Fi also discussed with Founder of 6peas, Carolyn Grant, her research with Boards and Executives about psychological safety and how this impacts on discussions and decision making which effects how we can set the tone from the top.