Customer Engagement

Customer centricity is not a project.

It’s an organisational commitment to putting people first.

We believe that at the core if organisations want sustainable profits then they need to align people and purpose and empathy.

It’s not easy and with the way many organisations are structured it becomes almost too hard to get congruence around what customer experience looks like and where it should sit and how to proceed.

6peas recognise this and that is why we provide solutions to simplify your commitment to putting people first.

We train, consult and facilitate

With leadership teams, middle management and boards to assist them on their customer experience journey. We provide a structure to allow your organisation to take small steps of improvement whilst still delivering results for employees and customers and shareholders.

6peas provide a range of consulting services, customised primary research and diagnostic tools to help organisations and their employees embrace a culture of customer centricity,  unlock exceptional performance and capitalise on missed opportunities.

We believe that customer centricity has six key components that drive a customer centric organisation and will allow organisations the foundations to build a competitive difference by delivering superior customer experience.

      1. Strong Leadership
      2. Purpose /Brand values
      3. Customer Commitment
      4. Employee Engagement
      5. Organisational Culture
      6. CX Governance

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