6peas marketing and engagement is a specialised consultancy focused driving performance by aligning people and purpose. We prioritise psychological safety and human experience to drive a sustainable, competitive advantage. Our solutions are science based translating recent research in neuroscience to business strategies and tactics.

The six (6) domains of business performance include Psychological Safety/Employee Engagement, Customer Centricity, Culture, Brand & Purpose, Leadership and Governance.

Our insights are evidence based to provide leaders with increased certainty around their strategic decisions.

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Are you a transformational leader? Do you have the skills you need to drive a high performing team?

Customer Engagement

Are your customers really loyal to you? We help you to acquire and retain loyal customers.

Employee Engagement & Psychological Safety

We help you turn your employees into advocates. Creating an environment of psychological safety.

Brand & Purpose

Is your brand reflective of the way you interact with your customers and employees?


Your Customer Experience Governance needs to be one which facilitates ownership, improvement, and innovation of customer experience.

Culture & Psychological Safety

Are you driving a culture of psychological safety?


Understand the Now – assess/audit tools/survey/interviews

Provide the focus – intervention in high risk/ training and support

Monitor and measure – evidence based leadership – showing the results

Support and Train – tailored assistance with workshops, mentoring, training to hand over skills

Thrive – providing the skill set and training so you can help the organisation thrive

Assess – Train/Support – Monitor – Thrive