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Engage Carolyn Grant, author of the ebook Legacy Leadership – the emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis and the People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020 -2021 (Aust).

Carolyn and People + Science approved consultants delivers expert in-house and online workshops to assist you to build upon the capability of your team.

We partner with your c-suite executives, front-line management, directors, customer service and sales staff to assist them to become customer-centric, engaged employees, leverage the digital economy and provide continuous improvement. Below are just some of the workshops we run with organisations.

Don’t hesitate to book in a time to chat – we also tailor workshops to meet your specific goals and/or company objectives.


Boardroom Briefing: Psychological Safety – Driving performance and mitigating risk

Briefing for boards and executive leadership teams the importance of psychological safety. How to mitigate personal and organisational risk whilst driving a positive team environment to enhance team performance and gain better results.

Themes: Psychological Safety, Critical Decision Making, Organisational Risk, Organisational Growth

Boardroom Briefing: Neuroscience

The neuroscience behind critical decision-making, communications and conversations.

Themes: Psychological Safety, Critical Decision Making, Neuroscience of Conversations

Boardroom Briefing: Presentation of results from the Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021

Highlights of the People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020 -2021 (Aust) implications and insights for Boards.

Themes: Psychological Safety, Critical Decision Making

Legacy Leadership Framework - The emergence of a new leadership model after a decade of crisis

Based on the book Legacy Leadership authored by Carolyn Grant. A review of the six foundations and 12 principles of Legacy Leadership, the competencies and the leadership evaluation criteria.

Themes: Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership Training for leaders, managers and influencers

90 minute sessions on each of the Legacy Leadership Foundations and principles with tools, templates and frameworks to build Legacy Leadership in house.

Themes: Legacy Leadership

Customer Journey Mapping Training

Training for frontline staff and management in customer journey mapping.

Themes: Customer Experience

Customer Centricity – Leadership Bootcamp

A workshop for board members and leaders on driving a customer centric culture. Including: Neuroscience of customer loyalty, acquisition and retention.

Themes: Customer Centricity

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Training

How to optimise NPS in your organisation to drive customer advocacy and report to decision-makers.

Themes: Customer Experience

Accountability & Measurement Framework

Neuroscience of motivation. Driving trust and behavioural accountability.

Themes: Accountability, Performance, Organisational Growth

Development of Performance Metrics for Strategic Alignment

Aligning strategic purpose with goals and accurate measures of performance.

Themes: Accountability, Performance, Organisational Growth

The Neuroscience of Effective Communication

Neuroscience of conversations, neuroscience of communications, using neuroscience to drive engagement and successfully implement change and transformation projects.

Themes: Communication, Psychological Safety, Neuroscience

Building Trust and Team Cohesion

Building Team Trust and Cohesion with psychological safety, trust and neuroscience of conversations.

Themes: Trust, Psychological Safety, Leadership


Build strong skills across your organisation.  If you want to learn about customer experience then there is no better instructor than 6peas.

We can help your employees build a foundation of the basics, or learn advanced techniques for propelling your organisations customer experience from good to great.

  • Keynote Speaker: $2,950.00
  • In house training – 2 day workshop $9,700.00
  • In house training – Full day workshop: $4,950.00
  • In house training – Half Day workshop; $2,950.00
  • Public workshops – Half Day workshops $750 per person
  • Public Workshops – Full Day workshops $1,290.00 per person
    Does not include travel expenses



Workshops are tailored to organisations based on the assessment and audit results during Phase 1 of your engagement with 6peas. Workshop topics include: Psychological Safety (an introduction to driving performance and mitigating risk) Boardroom Psychological Safety, Neuroscience of Conversations, Neuroscience of Decision-Making, Best Practice Communications Framework, Legacy Leadership Competencies, Driving Trust in Organisations, Customer Centricity (CX), Experience Management (EX) , Digital Transformation, Psychological Safety and Culture Change, Employee Engagement & Psychological Safety, CX Governance, 7 Forces of Emotional Engagement – for customers and employees.”


You can choose to engage 6peas to consult to your organisation providing leadership and management with the frameworks to develop key skillsets to drive your focus on customer, psychological safety, employees, CX governance, culture change, soft skills for leadership.

90 Day Programs with Focus

90 Day programs are to provide concentrated and prioritised efforts for the board, leadership and executive teams as frontline employees. These are 90 days of focus on specific topics such as Customer Experience, Psychological Safety, Employee Engagement, Customer driven Culture, Digital Transformation, Innovation and design.


Individuals and teams may choose to be mentored in specific areas relating to psychological safety, team performance, Legacy Leadership, marketing, communications, organisational values, psychological safety, employee engagement or creating the frameworks and habits to drive change in these topics, M.I.C.A.R.E.S experience management framework and the Best Practice communications framework.

Keynote Speaker

Carolyn is available as a keynote speaker on topics based on research:

  • “7 Emotional Drivers of engagement – for customers and employees
  • Psychological Safety –driving performance and mitigating risk
  • Psychological Safety in boards – effective decision making and removing the “toxic” out of boards and culture.

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