6peas have created tools, frameworks and training to improve the quality of decisions within decision-making teams.

We do this by tackling the key barriers to critical decision-making identified in the People + Science Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 Benchmark which identified a strong correlation between psychological safety and decision making (0.63).

Factors Impacting On The Quality of Decision-Making:

1. Level of psychological safety within the decision-making team

2. Level of trust

3. Facilitation of opinion and intellectual debate

4. Lack of inclusion

5. Information sharing prior to decisions being made

6. Motivation and biases hindering debate and discussion

7. Alignment of strategy – misaligned and conflicting priorities

8. Business as usual mindset as opposed to growth mindset

9. Clarity of roles, responsibilities and decision-making authority

10. Lack of accountability, clear performance metrics and modelling of the right behaviours

11. Communication and people skills insufficient to drive “safe conversations” and engagement.

To improve the quality of decision-making, there need to be clear commitment to driving psychological safety in the boardrooms rooms where the majority of decisions are made – Carolyn Grant.

Did you know:

Only 36% of employees trust the decisions from leadership teams?

Only 25% of leaders believe that their decisions are highly effective. Only 13% of leaders believe that their people and culture decisions are highly effective. Only 35% of leaders believe that they are personally highly effective in the decision-making process due to psychological safety. *

*People + Science Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021

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