CX Measurement

Metrics selection may be your most important decision for customer experience success. Metrics drive thinking and doing, because they communicate to executives and employees what matters most to the company, what will be visible to peers and the chain of command, and what will be rewarded.

At 6peas, we want your Customer Experience Metrics to work with you to engage, empower and drive a superior experience and generate innovative solutions for your customers. We assist you identify and define the key metrics for your organisation that will have everyone working to the same goals.

High-performing organisations fulfil their mission, achieve their vision, reach the targets that matter, and do this sooner and with less effort. They have a performance culture, where people are fully engaged in their contribution to the organisation’s direction and success. 6peas brings focus on your key performance indicators to drive high performing teams that deliver exceptional customer experience.


Determine the lifetime value of your customers


We help you choose actionable and predictive metrics as leading indicators of your overall customer experience (CX) objectives.


Setup key performance indicators, measurement dashboards, balanced scorecards, and management tools for follow-through and accountability.


Track hard-to-quantify goals.


Monitor root causes of symptom-level problems or opportunities, and manage corresponding levers of skills, resources, stakeholders and culture.


Applies to any use of metrics, whether for business, government, education, non-profit, entrepreneurship or personal goals.


Learn how to monitor the actionable metrics that are predictive of big-picture goals.


Improve your ability to predict outcomes, course-correct mid-stream, motivate desired behaviors, and earn needed resources and clout.


Audit your Net Promoter Scores


Assist you leverage your NPS throughout the organisation.

Good performance measurement is what builds a performance culture.