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After more than a decade of crisis in our leadership teams and an increasing demand from shareholders and stakeholders to “close the leadership gap” we have developed the Legacy Leadership Competency Framework.

This Framework is based on research over eight years and is based on the learnings, reflections and hindsight of over 762 leaders over eight years. It seeks to identify the biggest gaps in leadership today and close that gap to drive positive, sustainable and responsible leadership.

Leaders are under an enormous amount of pressure,with organisations undergoing significant changes in the workplace. Added to that the increasing complexity of WHS laws, and the need to attract and retain great talent, exceed customer expectations and innovate.

Gallup’s analysis shows that the manager alone accounts for 70% of the variance in team engagement.  (Gallop, 2019)

We help managers, influencers and leaders build the capability and competencies to become strong and valued Legacy Leaders – leaders who leave an organisation in a better place  – a true legacy to be proud of.  Leaders that use their influence to support and encourage a psychologically safe environment to drive high performance teams delivering exceptional customer, brand and product experiences.

We utilise the breakthroughs in neurocience to reshape how our leaders work, live and positively interact with others.

The key focus in all our programs is the development of authentic, and transformational leaders who have highly effective soft skill capabilities that are in high demand in today’s workplace.  We focus on what is driving behaviour, interactions, motivation, engagement, learning, decision-making and change, in your teams or organisation.

Legacy Leadership


  1. Strategic purpose and alignment
  2. Social and emotional intelligence
  3. Growth/benefit mindset
  4. Psychological Safety
  5. Transparency, trust and accountability
  6. Stakeholder advocacy


  1. Value employees
  2. Shared learning + Collaboration
  3. Customer-Centric
  4. Critical decision making
  5. Transformation/Change
  6. Ethics & Transparency
  7. Succession Planning
  8. Corporate Social Responsibility
  9. Adaptability to Volatility Uncertainty Complex Ambiguity (VUCA)
  10. Communications & conversational intelligence
  11. Financial metrics versus Non-financial metrics
  12. Diversity & Inclusion

Legacy  Leaders share key characteristics which allow them to be the piped piper of the organisation – they can successfully create a psychologically safe organisation – they are authentic – they walk the talk, they connect with their people often doing the walk arounds in the office to talk to staff and listen to customer insights. Good leaders are persuasive and can sell a solution, they are persistent in their mission and making things happen. They are great communicators and can clearly articulate the value each employee has in achieving the mission and keeping people on board when things get a little tough. Our leaders are positive and keep people on the right path as they celebrate the wins and the learnings (sometimes from losses) and keep everyone driven towards their common purpose. Our leaders embrace curiosity and drive a listening culture allowing people to “say, stay and thrive”.

The Legacy Leadership model is founded on a review of leadership interviews conducted between 2011 and 2019 as part of the Women on Boards – Next Generation of Leaders Program. This review included 56 research reports interviewing 762 global business leaders, over 2,286 conversations across all industry segments across eight years. It has over 166 leadership references and 202 questions posed to leaders in Australian and global organisations across all industries.