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6peas creates leadership frameworks and tools founded in neuroscience to drive organisational performance and mitigate risk 

What challenges are you facing as a business leader?


If you have employee challenges that you would like help with then let’s talk. 6peas have created tools that provide leaders with actionable, evidence based insights about their employees. We also provide tools to build team trust and cohesion and build a path to Legacy Leadership founded in motivational theory and psychological safety.

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If your challenges are about customer acquisition or retention then we can help. We conduct research on customer behaviour, journeys, expectations and experiences. Our insights are valuable for developing new products and services, closing the gaps between customer expectations and the organisations delivery, challenges with customer profitability and retention and customer communications. 

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Legacy Leaders

Leaders are not born, they are nurtured, supported and developed. If you wish to have Legacy Leaders aligned with purpose, skilled with “people skills” and are cognitively aware and determined to leave a positive impact then we would love to talk with you.

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If you would like to improve the quality and effectiveness of the decision making of your team, committee, and/or board then we have tools that seek to mitigate risk and drive results. We seek to provide training and tools to mitigate bias, enhance team cohesion and improve the opportunities for success. These tools are best for product and service initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, investment into projects.



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Successful transformation/ change/ innovation

Transformation projects, change management initiatives and driving innovation can be time consuming, expensive and cognitively exhausting. Our tools are founded in neuroscience to create the environment, communication and trust required to successfully implement major projects.

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A lack of accountability is rarely intentional. More often, it’s the result of an underlying issue, such as unclear roles and responsibilities, limited resources, poor strategy, or unrealistic goals. However, accountability is required to drive high performing teams, build psychological safety, improve trust and mitigate personal and organisational exposure to risk. Work with 6peas to build a strong accountability framework founded in neuroscience to enhance team performance.

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About 6Peas

Business intelligence founded in neuroscience

6peas is a specialised strategic consultancy focused on providing organisational leaders with business intelligence to drive performance and mitigate personal and organisational risk. With tools, frameworks and training founded in neuroscience we provide leaders with the insights and support to improve critical decision-making, human engagement and innovation. Our solutions are science based translating recent research in neuroscience to business strategies and tactics.

The six (6) domains of business performance include Psychological Safety/Employee Engagement, Customer Centricity, Culture,  Purpose and Brand, Legacy Leadership and Accountability and Performance.

Our insights are evidence based to provide leaders with increased certainty around their strategic decisions.





Are you a transformational leader? Do you have the skills you need to drive a high performing team?

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Are your customers really loyal to you? We help you to acquire and retain loyal customers.

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We help you turn your employees into advocates. Creating an environment of psychological safety.

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Is your brand reflective of the way you interact with your customers and employees?

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Your Customer Experience Governance needs to be one which facilitates ownership, improvement, and innovation of customer experience.

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Are you driving a culture of psychological safety?

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