The best Customer Experience (CX)

leaders operate consistently with a clear set of brand values – all decisions are made by going back to that mission. A common purpose keeps people aligned and decisions can be anticipated by employees which allows them to feel that they are part of the solution.

CX Leadership

Good CX leaders share key characteristics which allow them to be the piped piper of the organisation – they are authentic – they walk the talk, they connect with their people often doing the walk arounds in the office to talk to staff and listen to customer insights. Good leaders are persuasive and can sell a solution, they are persistent in their mission and making things happen. They are great communicators and can clearly articulate the value each employee has in achieving the mission and keeping people on board when things get a little tough. Our leaders are positive and keep people on the right path as they celebrate the wins and the learnings (sometimes from losses) and keep everyone driven towards their common purpose.

Next Steps

Do you want to improve your organization’s customer experience? It takes more than making some superficial changes. At 6peas we help executives understand what it takes to create significant, sustainable improvements.

To ensure all your leaders start on the same track – book one of our Leadership Bootcamps – from your board, to your frontline. Develop your champions by having a consistent and agreed approach to prioritising your next big growth strategy – your customers.

At 6peas…

We know that customer experience is driven by 6 key pillars and is a reflection of the company’s commitment to those 6pillars – we believe the pillars are a company’s culture, leadership, brand values, employee engagement, governance their commitment to the customer.   We provide the tools, the knowledge and the on-ground support to design, facilitate and improve upon  your  journey of customer centricity. 

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