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Valid8 Innovations

Valid8 Innovations drives successful innovation and commercialisation.

Valid8 assesses an innovation’s “readiness” for investment, mergers, acquisitions, resource allocation, commercialisation and launch.

Valid8 uses neuroscience, scientific algorithms and compatibility testing to increases the chances for success. 

We offer a range of services and decision making models that mitigates the biases, risks and potential losses.

We focus on proving the desirability , feasibility and viability of your product and services. We refine the innovation roadmap by ensuring “market fit”. 


We complement agility with customer design and market fit.

We are part of that great ecosystem of ideation, innovation and commercialisation. We love the enthusiasm, drive and passion that innovators, investors, government supporters and  business enterprises.

With a 9/10 failure rate for innovations, we can do better – as a collective.

We want to harness the collective genius, enthusiasm and talent to give founders , start ups and scale up’s every opportunity to see their ideas come to life. Partner with us.

Valid8 Readiness Score, is a decision modelling tool based in neuroscience, research, experience and common sense to accelerate the success of our startups and innovators.

Valid8 mitigates the risk and potential for expensive failures for innovators and businesses investing in innovations.

Valid8 seeks to save time, money and resources to get our “bright idea” to market.

Valid8 Compatibility Matrix is a “match maker” introducing "founders with solutions" to "established businesses who have challenges" that need to be solved.

Valid8 works with organisations to drive innovation and innovative cultures in large organisations.

Valid8 is a platform that builds “readiness” for innovators and startups seeking investment, mergers, acquisition or scale.

Valid8 innovation is a platform that combines strategy, neuroscience, governance and action to provide some due diligence around getting your product to market so everyone in the “startup” community wins.

Who We work With

Venture Capitalists, Investors

Validation of concept
Want increased certainty and reliability
Seeking opportunities with minimum risk
Want a front row seat at early stage

Government + Industry

Want to support local innovation
Seek to attract industry investment
Create jobs to support communities
Encourage innovation to solve problems

Innovator / Founder

Provide certainty and support
Optimise resources
Accelerate successful commercialisation
Provide the right introductions at the right time

Enterprise Users

Bring innovation success in house
Build innovative cultures and relationships
Build strategic alignment within teams
Create cross industry collaboration

Optimise your resources

Time, money and people

Reduce your risk

Challenge assumptions, create a path, test and retest


Connects with the right people, businesses, potential customers and investors when it’s the right time


Feasibility, viability and desirability. The three things you need to determine prior to market entry

The facts

In Australia, 3 startups are launched every minutes. However ...


42% no market need

29% ran out of cash

23% not the right team

19% outcompeted


  • Responsible for 1.6m new job
  • Large & small firms that invested in innovation outperformed firms that don’t.
  • According to PwC, the Aus tech startup sector (<$5m in annual revenue) has the potential to:

    • Contribute $109bn (4% of GDP)
    • Generate 5,400,000 jobs by 2033

Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science, 2016


Why Choose us?

We are your greatest advocate.

We work with you to Valid8 your ideas to ensure your readiness for investors, mergers, acquisitions, commercialisation or launch. 

We work with you to validate:​

Customer Need

If you have identified a real customer need and true market fit with a sustainable advantage

Paying Customers

If your customer is willing to pay for it and what are they willing to pay.

Right Resources

We help you optimise your resources. To create some certainty and get you into the market at the right time.

Remove the Risk

We connect innovative start-ups with commercial enterprises to trial and test a value proposition or to drive cross collaboration.