Providing CX Solutions

Different organisation experience different challenges, some of them appear as symptoms of a greater issue and some of them are clearly identified.

We partner with organisations to define the root cause of the issue and drive change throughout the organisation.

We can work with particular issues or larger issues – but we always come back to the 6peas of customer experience in driving organisational growth.


Our best CX leaders operate consistently with a clear set of brand values.

Customer Engagement

Are your customers really loyal to you? We help you to acquire and retain loyal customers.

Employee Engagement

We work with your business to develop a culture of employee loyalty.

Brand & Organisational Mission

Is your brand reflective of the way you interact with your customers and employees?

CX Research

Are you overwhelmed with big data that does not seem to get you any closer to engaging with your customers.

CX Measurement

Metrics selection may be your most important decision for customer experience success.

CX Governance

Your Customer Experience Governance needs to be one which facilitates ownership, improvement, and innovation.

Patient Experience

6peas is committed to patient centred care and customer satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score®

How are you measuring your customer loyalty? How are you driving your business priorities?


When was the last time you created a product or service that drove additional profits into the business.


Not sure how or where to start on your business journey? Or just need some short term focus in your marketing team.

CX and Digital Engagement

Leading-edge companies are moving beyond treating customer experience as a customer service challenge.