Providing CX Solutions

Different organisations experience different challenges, some of them appear as symptoms of a greater issue and some of them are clearly identified.

We partner with organisations to define the root cause of the issue and drive change throughout the organisation.

We can work with particular issues or larger issues – but we always come back to the 6peas of organisational performance starting with people + purpose.

Legacy Leadership

Leading with positive impact. Based on the Legacy Leadership e-book, 6peas train in the leadership competencies to support current and future leaders. With six (6) foundations and twelve (12) principles to guide leadership.

Customer Engagement

We help your teams to acquire and retain loyal customers. Prioritise your marketing activities and link to brand values and promises.Closing the gap between what your customers expect and what you think you deliver.

Psychological Safety - Employee Engagement

We provide insights on lead indicators of employee engagement such as team psychological safety. Mitigating your greatest exposure to personal risk and your shortcut to outstanding performance.

Purpose + Strategic Intent

We help leaders to articulate organisational purpose and the strategic goals and initiatives. We align purpose with strategic initiatives by providing clarity and a framework for accountability and communication to drive cohesion and performance.


6peas conducts research and provides action orientated insights to assist with critical decision-making about customers, employees, culture, products and services, and innovation.


We provide an accountability framework to motivate teams to achieve personal and organisational goals, inspiring positive behaviours and attitudes to support company values.


We support your risk management and governance teams in developing the policy and procedure support to drive psychologically safe and customer centric organisations.

Patient Experience

6peas works with health-care providers to improve the quality of patient care. Ensuring an environment of psychologically safety with a goal to improve patient health and wellbeing.

Net Promoter Score®

Measuring loyalty and engagement can be hard without the right measures. We work with organisations committed to NPS for customers and eNPS for employees and sNPS for stakeholder engagement.


The innovation process is full of challenges, 6peas works with organisations from ideation to launch, to provide tools to mitigate risk and validate product and service initiatives to improve the likelihood of success.

Marketing Underpinned with Neuroscience

6peas co-create marketing strategies and tactics underpinned by the seven (7) factors of customer advocacy. Founded in neuroscience these factors are critical in acquisition and retention of customers.

Change and Transformation

To be an adaptable organisation it is critical that organisations have high levels of trust in decision-making to successfully implement change initiatives. 6peas works on the foundations to build agile and responsive organisations.


We help organisations execute the next big growth strategy – their people. Despite what you might believe our biggest disruption is coming from our people.  Only 36% of employees trust the decisions coming from their leadership teams. Only 3/10 board members trust their fellow board members. ” Carolyn Grant – ref People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 (Aust).

After more than a decade of a leadership crisis, we finally have a new model of leadership that is built on the insights, successes and failures of over 800 business leaders. Legacy Leadership is about leaving a place better than when you inherited it and leaving a positive impact.  Carolyn Grant, author Legacy Leadership 2021

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