Retail & Wholesale

Customer Experience in Retail & Wholesale Sectors


Customer journey maps, identifying opportunities for superior service, loyalty programs, data analytics and instore experiences are the weapons of choice for retailers who are looking to continue strong growth in the changing world of online competition from competitors.

Customer experience is the customer’s perception of your brand across all interactions with your brand throughout the customer’s journey. Customer experience is the go-to strategy to create the most strategic and sustainable competitive differentiation – if you know what you are doing.

Only those retailers who are able to meet rising expectations will benefit with additional sales, and loyal advocates who share praises within their social spheres and the public at large. All retailers know word of mouth advertising is the best possible advertising – social media platforms take this to a new level.

But not all customer interactions are created equally, retailers will need to identify those critical moments of truth and those customer pain points to know where to prioritise their investment in customer experience initiatives.

At 6peas we work with retailers, e-retailers and wholesalers to ensure that customer acquisition and customer engagement is maximised to drive the lifetime value of the client. We work with digital teams to drive the customer experience across all platforms of social media and above the line engagement.

Retailers are often the forerunners in delivering exceptional competition and have often concentrated efforts around the 6pillars of customer excellence in service delivery but to truly outperform your competitors you must deliver a superior experience across major touchpoints.


Time & Effort

Meeting Customer Expectations

Resolution & closed loop feedback

Integrity & Brand fit

Emotional motivators

Successful interaction