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Customer Experience in the legal industry is beneficial whether you are a practice that deals primarily business to business (B2B) or business  to consumer.  At 6 peas we work with law practice principals, business development managers, partners and practice managers who want to outperform their competitors by delivering a superior customer experience.


In Lawyers Weekly, the Senior Partner of a major law firm was once quoted as describing the legal industry as a “contact sport”. He explained that business growth is built on the relationships that are established with clients – this is true regardless of the client being big or small or individuals or firms.  However, the majority of practices remain highly complacent about how both their clients – and their lost prospects and clients and employees – see them.


With such a large reliance on referrals firms that wish to continue their success need to go back to basics.  The legal industry (solicitor firms and barristers) is a referral based business so firms need to be able to identify the lifetime value of clients.  How do you grow the lifetime value? Practices that can identify and calculate life time value are already ahead, those who are tracking lost customers and gaining insights are on the right path. Those who have governance to take insights and make changes to make things better for clients will be industry leaders.


Challenges: new entrants seeking to disrupt the industry, use of artificial intelligence, specialisation or is it generalisation this week, increase in administration costs but more billable hours, trained staff, churning staff, long customer journeys, a highly skilled, highly paid workforce, external contacts that are outside of your control. So how do you differentiate?  How do you identify an issue before it’s too late?


At 6peas we work with your firm to:


  • Determine the lifetime value of your clients
  • Identify opportunities to grow the lifetime value of your clients
  • What clients want – trends and research re client value.
  • The customer journey – and key touchpoints
  • Where law practices need to try harder
  • How to get your team on board
  • Compelling leadership – do you have it?
  • Mission, goals and value proposition – is it understood?
  • Developing team skills & changing team behaviours
  • Practice systems to support an excellent customer experience
  • The engagement experience – and how to convert enquiries
  • Measuring the client experience and net promoter scores and other benchmarks
  • Positioning, marketing and client experience
  • Leveraging an excellent experience into more clients and higher profits.