Hospitality & Leisure

The guest experience is, and always has been a critical element for those in the hospitality and leisure industry. The guest experience is no longer confined to the properties themselves, but starts before guests book a room and continues long after they have checked out.


Our goal is to gain, capture and action more insights to increase trust and build stronger relationships with your guests.


We identify key touchpoints with your guests and identify ways to improve the guest experience. We turn your guests into loyal advocates who will enjoy their stay, spend more, return more and promote your businesses to others.


We work with businesses to gain insights from employees, guests and suppliers to find a way to provide a superior service and outperform your competitors.


Similar to the retail industry, the competition in the hospitality and leisure industry have put a lot of focus on the delivery of customer excellence around the 6 pillars of customer excellence


Retailers are often the forerunners in delivering exceptional competition and have often concentrated efforts around the 6pillars of customer excellence in service delivery but to truly outperform your competitors you must deliver a superior experience across major touchpoints.


(logo) Personalisation

(logo)Time & Effort

(logo) Expectations

(logo)Resolution & closed loop feedback


(logo) Emotion

(logo) Success