As more and more state and local governments (councils) compete to attract businesses, more investment, a talented and skilled population, grow tourism, improve infrastructure – understanding the customer experience is critical from both a residential, business, investor and partnerships perspective.


We work with government to deliver the following key priorities:

o          Attract and engage investors

o          Attract and engage businesses

o          Grow visitation

o          Enhance visitor experience to increase the lifetime value of a visitor

o          Serve communities and enhance the customer experience of your community

o          Develop and educate future leaders and businesses



Traditionally, councils have responded to customer service KPI’s within call centres and help desks in an effort to drive customer satisfaction.  But to achieve a customer centric culture, councils need to remove the responsibility for the design, delivery and ‘creation of a superior customer experience’ from the front line, customer-facing groups and allocating it to the whole organisation – Economic Development, Tourism, Services, HR, Maintenance, Sports and Recreation.


Leaving this responsibility with the front line customer service staff, which happens in many councils, excuses those more distant from understanding the customer experience and prevents a rigorous response by general management to the intelligence gathered on customer experience.


Understanding preferences and experiences, trying to learn and shape expectations, designing service experiences, attuning operational processes and practices at every touch point, and collecting and using customer experience mapping data will help improve the customer experience.


Traditionally for government, this is quite difficult to do when as hierarchical, command-and-control organisations, government frequently emphasise function over process. Budgets, the business planning framework, performance appraisal, and decision making processes all emphasise functional responsibilities. The fact that many services are delivered across more than one functional area is regularly overlooked. This is despite periodic efforts to restructure and integrate functions under one functional manager or directorate.


At 6peas we work across government to create a customer centric culture working with contact centres and help desks, service delivery, tourism and economic development, and government service provider organisations to assist businesses and industry drive a better experience and set you apart. We work with your internal people, your customers and your business clients. We train, we educate and we consult to deliver the best results.