Food & Agriculture


Customer choice and demand are changing the way we innovate and consume.  In the food and agriculture industries we are seeing a move to connect farmer to consumer (the agrarian revolution).  Agri-business acknowledges that value is created the closer you can get to the consumer this means that our farming and production teams need to identify more with the consumer.  This means delivering a customer experience that is superior.   One of the biggest changes has been the movement of health (function and nutritional foods).

The rise of the “prosumer” where the consumer is intimately involved in the design and innovation of products and services. This has been evident in the food innovation of the last 3 years with more health choices, hustle foods, and renewable packaging to name a few.

Australia’s food industry is predicted to be a $100 billion dollar industry by 2030. Servicing our neighbours in the North (Asia and the Pacific) is seen as being one of the biggest opportunities based on population growth alone. Australia’s export of our output 65%  (New Zealand in comparison is 95%). So how do we take advantage of the opportunities?

The Innovation Revolution: To meet demand there is a strong demand for innovation, efficiency and control within the supply chain and connected with our customers better (driving a customer centric culture).  How do we engage with our consumers and those within the supply chain to ensure value. 

Food manufacturers need to stop believing their value is in their product, like other sectors, manufacturers need to start thinking of the following critical ingredients to success:

  • Connecting to the customer (customer driven experiences, products and services)
  • Employees (engaging your employees to be advocates of your business)
  • Brand attributes (storytelling and authentic brands that have a strong and understood mission from the top to the bottom of the food chain within in the organisation.  Differentiation and the ability to communicate your difference in a way that matters to your consumers
  • Innovation (keeping up with consumer driven trends) and knowing them so well you identify and meet their needs before they knew they were an issue. Innovation is not just about a product, it can also be delivered via process improvements within the supply chain. It could be about disruption in the way you deliver your product to the end consumer.
  •  Customer Experience Governance throughout the supply chain to ensure that all elements of your supply chain are your advocates. This includes
  • Culture – that you are driving a culture where “people” are the most important part of the organisation where they are driving efficiencies and processes to deliver better value to the customer.


At 6peas we partner with our food manufacturers and their value chain to get you closer to your customer and deliver an exceptional customer experience.