Energy & Environment



Tomorrow’s energy consumer is at stake. New legislation, utility consolidation, new entrants in the marketplace, educated customers, higher expectations, increasing energy demand and higher prices are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a challenging landscape.

In the utilities industry in Australia, for example, the volume of complaints to the central complaints body (the Ombudsman) has risen dramatically despite no significant change in customer numbers—doubling in five years, four times the rate of population growth.

So what is the answer to identifying value and growing the business?  The answer lies in the customer relationship. However, experience indicates that utility companies are falling short of customer expectations.

Leading utility companies are selectively enriching the customer experience at critical points in the customer lifecycle – delivering a higher level of service at the moments customers care about most (moments of truth).

6peas works with those in the telecommunications, energy, water, and environmental sectors to assist organisations drive the long term value of their customers and drive organic growth.  Advocacy – even in sectors where customers are “captive” will reduce the cost to serve, complaints, allow utilities to offer additional products and services and reduce the overall cost to serve and drive innovation and leadership.  A customer centric focus allows utilities to build relevance, opportunity for growth and drives advocacy across their client bases – residential, business, government and partnerships.