Education & Training Services



 The education sector has been undergoing significant transformation to its teaching and learning approaches across all education and training services with a new focus on student learning and outcomes.

With significant uncertainty and turmoil in the last 12months and a direct hit to the reputation of online and face to face higher education industries there is a lot of work still to be done to harness the trust and respect of parents and students.

One thing that has not changed though is the need for our training and education institutions to engage the students (and their families) yet many seem to do so from primary school through to tertiary education. Yet the average family is educating up to 2 or 3 children per household. So what are we doing to engage both our student and our families – very little, that is having any real impact.

Whilst improvements continue to lean towards learner-instructor interaction, learner-content interaction, and Internet self-efficacy as predictors of student satisfaction (not loyalty), many education service providers are struggling to deliver a superior learning experience that drives advocacy in their students.

6peas marketing and engagement work with educational institutions to deliver a superior student and customer (families paying or supporting student being educated). There are a lot of great insights to be gained for both classroom and online training organisations.