“It is not about doing ‘digital marketing’, it is about marketing effectively in a digital world.”  This quote from Diageo CEO Ivan Menezes sums up the role of digital in today’s organisations.

Digital has not been the greatest disruptor this century, consumers have been. It’s the way consumers use technology to meet their needs for instantaneous gratification that has been the greatest disruptor. So why do organisations keep diluting the customer experience in their pursuit of technological advancement which only hinders, frustrates or repels the very thing they need to survive – their customers.

Digital, IT, Social and Marketing teams need to collaborate at a vertical level through the organisation to drive real productivity that will benefit the customer and employees and stop competing with each other.  CEOs and boards need to stop chasing the shiny objects and get back to basics – their people – their customers and their employees.


So how can digital deliver a better experience for customers and employees?