About 6Peas

6peas is a consultancy helping organisations create high value loyal customers by driving highly engaged teams.

6peas is a marketing & engagement consultancy using neuroscience to drive Experience Intelligence across customers, employees, products and services. 

Six peas are the collective ingredient to a thriving organisation – driving a high value, loyal customers and engaged, highly performing teams.

Our six peas are: Customer Centricity I  Psychological Safety  I Employee Engagement I Purpose & Brand  I Culture  I Governance.


To assist organisations leverage science based solutions to drive better engagement with our most important resource – our people. We will do this by reducing the experience gap – between what organisational leaders believe they are delivering to customers and their employees and what they are “actually” delivering.

80% of leaders believe that they are delivering a superior customer experience to their customers. ONLY 8% of customer believe organisations are delivering a superior customer experience. Experience gap.


People first economy, demonstrated by behaviour.

Six peas of performance

At 6peas we believe you will not have success without addressing each of these six peas of performance.


Experience overs – the customer experience, the employee experience, the product or service experience across all channels and methods of interaction.

Experience Intelligence

Experience Intelligence – is the information that we use to gain customer intelligence, attentional intelligence, emotional intelligence and social intelligence to drive our strategies, tactics, training and techniques.


So what do we do differently: We translate the research and findings of neuroscience into our business strategies, tactics and techniques to improve organisational performance. 

we work with the leadership teams to ensure optimum performance

It is the responsibility of all leaders with particular emphasis on People and Performance, HR, Product, IT, Finance, Operations. This is why we work with the leadership teams to ensure optimum performance.


 Importantly, customer strategy is not about putting the customer first, nor is it solely about customers – it is about putting people and purpose together to create the success you always envisioned or making the difference you always wanted to make. We would love to go on that journey with you.

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