Employee Engagement

Engaged employees directly impact customer satisfaction and profits.

Employee engagement is no longer “fluff” or a “soft issue,” but rather a core differentiating factor that needs to be developed and managed with the same rigour as any other operational discipline in the organisation.

In an ever increasing customer-centric world, employees are the key to unlocking customer loyalty. Employees are the most elusive component of every strategy. Their performance is the hardest to affect and create consistency, but it is the only success factor that can actually surprise customers and create memorable experiences that will result in higher profits.

We are finally seeing a movement by the general business world to seriously focus on the role and value of employees.  To drive long term success, the team at 6peas,  believe that employee engagement is critical. If you want to build a high performing organisation that consistently delivers great customer experience, then you need to focus on employee engagement.  It is impossible for an organisation to deliver a great customer experience without an engaged workforce.


If you want to recruit the best employees, make sure that your organisation has an inspiring mission. Attracting the best employees is one of the first steps in building employee engagement, which is one of our Six Customer Experience (CX) Pillars for delivering great CX.

Employee Engagement deals with how committed employees are to the mission of their organisation. It deals with human beings’ intrinsic needs for a sense of meaningfulness, choice, competence, and progress.

At 6peas

We have found that successful employee engagement requires focus to deliver  upon employee engagement – at 6peas we have broken this down to 6 key initiatives:


Purpose – inspiring your team to your brand’s purpose. Linking their role’s to the value and key deliverable of the organisation.


Public Relations – internal public relations, inform your staff of your customer experience goals and efforts.


Participate – involve your employees every step of the way.Share great examples and share best practice. Empower them to make decisions and feedback the success or failure of initiatives. Listen to them and share their ideas.


Perform – allow employees to perform to their potential by giving them the training and tools to succeed. Drive accountability and have leadership teams continually educate and update employees.


Promote – incentivise and praise your employees for their efforts. Reward behaviour, ideas and problem solving. Link actions to results.


Progress – develop a process of continual improvement. Keep information cross functional teams of the results and the impacts. Give them access to insights from customers.

To measure Employee Engagement 6peas focus on three key questions and the benchmark measurement eNPS.

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