CX Governance

Your Customer Experience Governance needs to be one which facilitates ownership, improvement, and innovation of customer experience.  At 6peas, we believe that to help you deliver a truly superior customer experience, and deliver a competitive advantage then you need to develop a customer centric culture. To do this you need to demonstrate and deliver competence around these six areas:

  1. Customer Connected
  2. Leadership
  3. Employees
  4. Compelling Brand
  5. Measurement & KPIs
  6. Systems and Processes for governance


What’s needed for CX Governance?

  1. Have you defined structure, roles, processes for customer experience facilitation?
  2. Are you guiding customer experience catalysts in each business unit?
  3. Have you established customer experience accountability and incentives?
  4. Are you mastering customer experience change agent and facilitation skills?


Patient Experience Governance

6peas is committed to patient centred care and customer satisfaction, providing independent, professional advice and training. Our goal is to improve health outcomes by creating positive, memorable experiences – one meaningful connection at a time.

We work with acute, sub-acute and primary health care services; NGO’s; universities; pharmaceutical and med-tech companies; and clinicians to determine and understand the ‘true-value’ of the patient and customer experience.

Recasting the understanding of the customer experience is the foundation of innovation and growth.

When customer insights are married with operational strengths, the business model becomes contemporary, robust, flexible and CONNECTED.


How we make a difference:

o          Improving your patient &/or customer experience

o          Reducing risk of harm

o          Providing process and structure around ‘pain’ points

o          Developing communication strategies

o          Simplifying governance

o          Measurement for improvement

o          Sustainability frameworks

o          ‘Backlog’ Management Strategies