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The biggest challenge we face when looking at the development of new products and services is that many organisations think they already know all the answers.

They believe that they are extremely customer centric but have no real customer centric processes in place.

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6peas Customer Persona Canvas


As part of driving Customer centricity in an organisation we firmly believe that customer led design is the key to innovation and faster adaptation of products and services.

Download this free canvas to start working on your key customer personas/profiles.

Where possible use your research, customer insights collected from various resources to fill in the answers.  Try not to do it only with internal resources. Your gaps become your research brief.  If you have some canvas’ that you prefer to use we would love to see them and put them in our tool kit for everyone to share.

CX and Digital Engagement


One of the biggest challenges organisations are facing is how to continue delivering customer value and engagement across digital channels.

We spoke at the Digital Summit and had a great deal of discussion about the omnichannel experience.

You can download these slides here.  If you wish to chat about your digital strategy please contact us.

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